Glass shower enclosure terminology
A little glass lingo...
Framed shower/Tub door     Framed means that there is framing all around the glass plus on the sidewalls, bottom and top depending on the style of the door.
Frameless shower/Tub door       Frameless means that there is no framing on most of the glass. There could be framing on the sidewalls, bottom and top depending on the style of the door.
By-Pass Doors       Means two doors sliding pass each other. There is always a header, sidewall jambs and a sill piece.
Pivot Door       Means a door that opens on two pivot points, one at the top and bottom. A pivot door is used when more room is necessary in-order for the door to open fully. Usually these doors do not come wider then 37 inches.
Hinged Door      
Means a door that has a full-length hinge, some people call these piano hinges. This type of door will provide for more open space to get into the shower but take up more room to open all the way. Usually these doors do not come wider then 36 inches.
Door and Panel      
Means a door and one panel are needed to fit an opening wider than 37 inches but not more than 72 inches wide. The panel can be on the left or right side, and the door can swing off the panel or the wall depending on your needs. You must know this information before ordering a door and panel.
Means that a panel will be on the left and right sidewalls with a door in the center or off centered. This is usually needed when you have an opening up to 84 inches wide. You need to know which panel the door is swinging from before ordering this door.
In-Fold Shower Door      
Means the same as bi-fold except that the door folds into the shower area. These doors are available to fit openings from 23 inches to 60 inches.
Neo-Angle       Means there are usually two side panels at a 45-degree angle going back to the sidewalls with a door in the center. Neo-Angle doors usually fit bases from 36 X 36 to 42 X 42 inches.
Corner Shower Door       Means the base is square and usually 34 X 34. Doors open from the center, roll or fold back to each side.
Custom       Means a door that is made specifically to meet your needs. There are endless design possibilities along with frame finishes and glass styles.

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