A Little History About
California Inspirations Frameless Shower Doors
First of all, you may wonder why the company is called "California" Inspirations Frameless Shower Doors when it is located in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  The answer is simple.  Corey grew up in Southern California.  It was there that he learned his trade and developed his craft.  During the SoCal housing boom, Corey was heavily influenced by the designers and contractors for whom he worked--people who drove the glass industry to the level of excellence for which it has since become known.

California Inspirations Frameless Shower Doors is a fairly new entity.  However, the experience, expertise and cutting-edge techniques behind the company date back almost fourteen years to 1994. 

That fateful winter, Corey Dwight Abraham, the founder and owner of California Inspirations Frameless Shower Doors, entered the glass industry, working with his older brother in Laguna Hills, California.  From that point onward, he has been enthralled with glass, and has striven to learn all aspects of the business, from commercial storefront applications to residential installations of all types.

Corey is a true artist and thrives on the creative process.  As such, he has had a keen desire to excel in the areas of heavy glass showers, mirrors, frameless glass wind walls and handrailings--the key aspects of his work that are required to transform his client's homes from ordinary into spectacular!  Over the past 8 years, Corey has honed his skills in these areas to a level of excellence worthy of the finest homes.

From 2001 to 2006, Corey worked at a leading Southern California glass company in Laguna Hills, California.  It was during his tenure with this company that his creative talent and eye for perfection were truly appreciated and allowed to blossom. 

From the finest homes in Southern California to prestigious commercial properties like the Ritz-Carlton, the quality of Corey's work has set him apart time and again.  In fact, the contractor who worked on the Ritz-Carlton remodelling project was so impressed with his work after the initial job at the Maui location, that they employed Corey and his team at three other locations in San Francisco, Marina Del-Rey and Puerto Rico, rather than hiring local glass companies.

Corey's philosophy mirrors that of all good artists--if you do not take a moment to admire the job (your work) once it is completed, you are probably in the wrong business!  True artists appreciate the creative process and the product of that effort.  This philosophy is reflected in everything Corey does; and is the reason that he prefers to perform all installations personally, thereby ensuring that every detail meets with his high standards.

Corey's brother, Scott, developed the unique measuring system that Corey utilizes to measurement each job correctly every time.  This system employs a self-leveling laser that facilitates extremely accurate shower enclosure measurements.  This revolutionary system is the foundation of California Inspirations "Frameless" Shower Doors, as it allows for heavy glass shower enclosures with the least amount of metal possible.  Such installations result in a very "clean look", as if the enclosure glass is literally coming out of the wall.  This laser system is also used to accomplish similarly accurate results with glass railings and wind walls.

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